Doom Carousel the Website: here it is. Welcome, website! I am here, your creator! You have a good many pages have already published, and this is our first isolated post, disconnected from any comic. Oh man it is so fresh in here, give me a wiff of those right sidebar buttons oh yeah so earthy.

This past April I tabled at MoCCA, my first ever comic convention. It went pretty okay for me! Books sold and I chatted with many excellent new persons. Should you like to buy what I was selling, a 40 page Doom Carousel collection, you can find some copies in my Etsy shop.

Now that this website is up, what will happen? I’m in the mood for some short, one or two page topics, and then perhaps I will finally put to paper a number of long historical pieces I wrote up some time ago. Oh yes! I will also be replacing the frankly inane patter currently found in the About page with a proper thesis statement in pictures. That’s long overdue. Maybe I will get some tweets going on research topics? No need to keep all that deep dark madness confined to my notes.

Please enjoy your stay. Send me a note at zachary at doomcarousel if you need anything or just want to say hi.